Once upon a time, in a time where Magic and Chivalry abounded....

We began as many do, with small things that people do in the home. Woodworking, wandsmithing, and leatherworking were all things we did as a family in the Cloud household before we grew up. Now, with my wife and Brothers, we continue the tradtions and share them with you.The wands started as a way to pass the time, and to improve carving skills. That is until our brother traded some for a sword. (Because swords are awesome!) We now can do almost anything for your magical needs.
The wood swords and weapons began as practice knives for martial arts that we were practicing. Eventually they grew, and we continue to focus on the safety and usability of our swords and wood weapons for martial arts. 

Some of the board games like Nine Men's Morris, Seven Ravens, Fox and Geese, and Alquerque we played as children, but after getting a degree in history and folklore, we wanted to expand and teach others about fun and historic board games that people know little about. Hnefatafl has became a new family favorite recommended by a customer, and we are always looking for other historical board games to create!

Someday we hope to have a wall full of wands like Olivander's shop to sell, racks of wooden weapons to sell, and board games galore. One wand at a time, we are growing. Stay tuned for new, bigger and better things to come!

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